News from Polish and foreign fish market

World's fish consumption on the highest level

The number of consumed fish is on the highest level, in comparison to previous years.


Plans of Polish leaders from fish processing industry for 2011

What are the plans of the leaders? What we should expect in 2011?


China top's world in catch and consumption of fish

China leads the world in tonnage of fish caught annually as well as the amount of fish consumed, according to new findings reported in National Geographic magazine.


"Fishery Port Gryf" in Szczecin sale their plots.

On 31st of August it is planned to commence tender on 7 plots in the centre of Szczecin city, in total area of 10 ha.


50 tonnes of salmon escaped

More than 9 000 salmon fishes, weighing in total 50 tonnes escaped from Norway hatchery Viking Fjord.


New player on Polish processed fish market?

Petit Navire, company which is manufacturing products from tuna, is looking for distributor in Poland.


Polish Centre of Fish Distribution was established

Six distributors from all over Poland are involved in activities for better transport methodology.


Half of consumed fish came from aquaculture

International research team informed, that in 2009 half of consumed fish came from breeding


High interest in scrapping the cutters

According to Wlodzimierz Blaszczak, Director of ARiMR in Darlowo, Poland, there is lot of internest from fishermen to scrap their cutters.


Lisner quits its production in Poland

UK company Uniq, owner of Lisner brand is looking for a buyer on his Polish department